Make a REAL Difference

Be a REAL Man  Make a REAL Difference !


The famous poet Edwin Markham once said: “A man is either a hammer or an anvil: he either molds society or is molded by it.”


         What the late writer essentially meant by these words, was that there are two types of people in the world: there are those who are content to be the absolute minimum of whatever society allows them to be, and then there are those who have the strength, courage, and determination to seek greatness in their lives. The weak and timid souls who lack the will to be themselves never accomplish anything worthwhile in life. As a result, they allow society to shape them into average, ordinary souls who never know the fulfillment that comes with reaching their full potential.

         The bold and the honorable, however, live their lives with a confidence and a conviction that is unmatched by those around them.  They live with commitment, and they live with courage. They have a strong belief in themselves and an incredible sense of purpose in their lives.  As a result of their strong mind and determined attitude, such people rise above the confines of a mediocre society and transform the world in which they live into a better, more respectful, and more honorable place. 








Only those who would dare to be different can ever

truly hope to make a difference. 












Be a REAL man!


Make a REAL difference!


  R espect all people,  

  E specially women.

  A lways do the right thing.

  L ive a life that matters.







© Copyright ~ Frank DiCocco ~ 2010





Be a REAL Man, and


Make a REAL Difference.

    Be  a  REAL  Man!

“If we are afraid to be different, then how can we make a difference?”


 ~  Reverend John I. Jenkins