Honor Your Commitments

“A man’s commitment will show itself in every aspect of his life.”



  R espect all people,  

  E specially women.

  A lways do the right thing.

  L ive a life that matters.







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 Always Follow  Through


on Your Commitments.

    Be  a  REAL  Man!

Honor Your Commitments


Being a REAL man is about honoring your commitments. Whatever it is, if you make a commitment to do something, then follow through on that commitment and do it.  That’s part of what being a responsible and accountable person is about. That’s what being a real man is all about. A real man honors his commitments; it’s that simple.


If you say you are going to do something, then follow through and do it. 

If you say you are reliable, then go ahead and prove it.



Commitment ~ An Uncommon & Special Attribute In Today’s World

Commitment is a rarity these days, unfortunately. Everywhere you turn in our society, it seems as if people have forgotten the meaning of true commitment. Everywhere you look, the ill effects that stem from a lack of commitment can be found wreaking havoc on our culture.

         You see it in marriages, with more than 50 percent of unions ending in divorce or separation. You see it in the working world, where employers hire and fire people at will, and where people change companies at the drop of a hat. You see it in coaching, where schools and teams will sign a head coach to a five-year contract and then turn around and fire him or her two years later. You see coaches sign a five-year contract and then break it two years in to leave for a better job.

         The sad truth is that many people don’t live up to their responsibilities and don’t live out their commitments. The people who do—the ones who remain faithful and loyal to the people and purposes they commit to—are worthy of great respect and admiration. Such people are to be highly esteemed, as they are a rare and special breed.

         In an all-too-casual world where most people are satisfied with being common, it is the uncommon man—the man who stands by and carries out his commitments—who makes a lasting impact on the world. This honorable and dutiful man—this uniquely uncommon man—is both the backbone of our present society, and the hope of our future world.


The world does not need any more common souls who will settle for average mediocrity. The world needs uncommon men who will do something special with their lives and who will mold society into a better and greater place.


Do Something Special With Your Life.

Become Someone Special In Your Lifetime.


         All-too-common is the man who will quit and relinquish his dream merely for the sake of convenience; average is the person who will give in when he has gotten tired from hard work and when he has grown selfishly annoyed with his sacrifices. Uncommon is the man who can stick to his purpose, no matter how difficult, trying, or unpleasant it may be to do so; special is the person who will give all that he has to give in order to live by, and live up, to his commitments.

         The first of these two types of people simply go through the motions in life. They never really accomplish anything because they never really work long enough to bring anything worthwhile to bear. The second type the uncommon and special type of person accomplishes a great multitude of significant achievements. Such people invest themselves wholeheartedly in their pursuits, and thus, are able to bring many and great dreams to fruition.


         It is the uncommon and special individual who lives his life with desire and determination, who lives by his words, who lives out his commitments,

and who lives for some purpose greater than himself. It is the uncommon and special person who lays the foundation for an excellent and noble world.

         Do not settle for what society expects of you. Exceed expectations and live extraordinarily. Do not be mediocre; do not be common; do not be average.  Be Uncommon.  Be Special.



“Success is uncommon, therefore not to be enjoyed by the common man.

I’m looking for Uncommon people.”


~ Cal Stoll





Commitment Means Finishing What You Start


Commitment means finishing what you start.

It means following through on what you say that you are going to do.

Commitment means valuing your words and keeping your promises.

It means honoring your responsibilities and fulfilling your obligations.

Commitment means starting something that is worth doing; but more importantly, Commitment means finishing off everything that you start.


A promise is made with a start,

But a commitment is realized when you finish what you begin.


“Commitment is finishing what you begin.”


~  Fisher DeBerry





The Most Important Commitment You’ll Ever Make:

Honor Your Wife and Honor Your Marriage


At the heart of most of society’s problems is a breakdown in the upbringing and developmental process and of our nation’s youth. A large contributor to this is the raising of children in single-parent homes, especially those without a positive male authority figure. 

         Divorce and separation dissolve the institution of family. This has negative, far-reaching consequences for our nation’s young men, as too many of them grow up without a proper role model to teach them the right way to live and to carry themselves. They grow up without any positive guidance; they grow up without anyone to teach them—and more importantly, to show them—how to be real men.

         As a result, many young men grow up with poor concepts of how to cultivate meaningful relationships, how to treat women, how to be responsible for their actions and accountable for their consequences, how to make good decisions and surround themselves with good people, and how to put themselves in positions where success becomes possible. Many young men grow up without understanding the importance of earning a quality education, without acquiring the work habits that are required to be successful in a career, and without developing the character traits that are required to be successful in life.

         At the very base of all these issues is the breakdown of the family structure. At the heart of this breakdown, is a lacking presence on the part of men. Too many men break their commitments to their wives and their families. Far too many males neglect the women in their lives, or worse yet, leave the women in their lives.  Far too many men put women in bad situations, and then flee from the scene before having to deal with any of the negative consequences of those circumstances. As a result, it is society which then must deal with those consequences; and the consequences of those dishonorable actions are devastating.


        In order to be successful as a person—in order to be respectable, trustworthy, and honorable, one must learn the value of making and keeping commitments.  In this world—a world which desperately needs responsible people to take ownership of their decisions and actions—the importance of following through on one’s commitments must never be taken lightly. Everything that a person does—or fails to do—has a potentially enormous impact on the lives of others. When an individual makes a commitment, that individual must do everything within his power to carry out and honor that commitment. If he does not, the rest of society will have to suffer the consequences.


         In sports, in business, and in life, you first have to learn how to make commitments, and then you have to learn to follow through and honor those commitments. In other words: you have to dedicate yourself and you have to stay committed.  You cannot quit. You cannot walk away. You cannot give up. That’s not right, and that’s not what an honorable or respectable person does.  That is not what a successful person does—and I’m talking about being successful as a human being, with regard to the kind of life one lives.

         A person cannot talk about success and commitment in the worlds of sports, business, or personal life, and not live those same values when it comes to marriage. Marriage, like anything worthwhile, requires a great deal of commitment; and marriage, like every other type of commitment in this world, must never be taken lightly.


         Everywhere a person looks, it seems as though all one sees is single-parents, divorcé’s, and children left suffering the results of broken marriages. Everywhere one looks, it appears as though men are breaking their commitments to their wives—and, worse yet, to their sons and daughters. We see so many people getting married, and then getting divorced, and then getting married again, and then getting divorced again.  We see people getting married two, three, or even four times… and then getting divorced two, three, or even four times. This type of “marriage” if it can even be called that has become less about commitment, and more about a passing fancy. You can think or say whatever you would like, but the truth of the matter is that this type of rampant occurrence—this dangerous lack of commitment—is killing our society. 

         Too many young people are growing up without proper family structures in place; too many young men and women are growing up without respectable role models and authority figures in their lives; too many young people are growing up without understanding the value of family, and without learning the values often taught within a family. 

         Some people might attempt to justify the breaking of their commitments, pointing to any number of “valid” reasons to leave their partner or their family. These “reasons,” however, are nothing more than excuses.  And these excuses, unfortunately, are causing the rapid deterioration of the world in which we live.

         Some people might attempt to justify their actions by questioning “What if my partner becomes sick or mentally ill, or what if he or she develops an addiction, or what if they appear to become a different person?”

         To these questions I would reply that, when your partner becomes sick, when he or she develops addictions, or when your partner seems to develop into a different—and sometimes worse—person… That is when that person needs you to stick by them the most.  That is when that person needs you to be there more than ever.  Each of you was put into one another’s lives for a very special reason.  And, whether you like it or not, both of you made a commitment to remain in one another’s lives… for as long as you remain in this world.

         For anyone who is married or will marry, chances are that you will swear an oath to your partner.  You will make a solemn commitment to that person, to yourself, and to your joined-together futures.  Most likely, your vows were—or one day will be—something along the lines of the following:


“I promise to be your faithful: in sickness and in health,

in good times and in bad, for better or for worse. I promise to love and honor you unconditionally, to support you at all times and in all ways, to honor my words and my commitment to you, to do right by you and our future family

for as long as we both shall live, till death do us part.”


         When you marry, you enter into a commitment.  That commitment is to be cherished and treasured.  It is not to be taken lightly: it is to be upheld and honored.  Unless your life is in danger, or unless the lives of your children are in danger… then there is never any valid reason to break your marriage vows. There may be plenty of “excuses,” but there are never any reasons.


The family is the corner stone of our society.


~  Lyndon Baines Johnson



Honor your vows, & honor your wife.

Your marriage is at stake. Your future is at stake.

Your family’s future is at stake.  Society’s future is at stake.



Make A Commitment, and See It Through


In sports, you don’t quit. In business, you don’t quit. In life, you don’t quit. In marriage, you don’t quit. You stick out it, you see it through.  You find a way to make things work.  No matter what happens… you don’t quit; you never quit.  

         No matter what issues or problems may arise… don’t give up; you never give up. You look for a solution, not an excuse.  You look for a way to work things out, not for a way to get out. You find a way to make things better, and if you cannot find a way, then you make one.  But you don’t quit; you never quit.  You see it through, and you stick it out.  You follow through, and you do whatever it is you said you were going to do. You honor your commitments. You honor your word. You honor your spouse. You do right by your word; you do right by others. You don’t quit yourself, and you don’t quit your spouse. You keep your word. You honor your commitments.


         Honoring your commitments isn’t always easy. But then again, no one ever said it would be. No one forces you to walk down the isle and say “I do.”  That is a decision and a commitment that you make.  A lot of thought and deliberation should go into the entire decision-making process. But, once you decide to make the commitment, you have to follow through and honor it.


Stay True and Follow Through.

Finish What You Start.







Be True to Others  ~


Be reliable in your actions, and be dependable in your obligations.

Be responsible to others at all times. Honor and value people by honoring and valuing your commitments to them. Give your best in all that you do, and give your best to others whenever you can do it. Always do right by yourself. 

Always do right by others.  Always do right… period.


Always honor your commitments.

Once you make a commitment, do all that you possibly can to keep it.

Hold to your commitment as if your honor depended on it.

Because ultimately…

It does.




Any man can make a commitment. 

It takes a REAL man to honor one.




A REAL man always honors his commitments.   Always.