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Help spread the REAL Man message


Help spread the message of what it means to be a REAL man.  Get the word out—through your words and your deeds—that being a REAL man

is all about the way you live your life, the way you treat other people, and ultimately, what you do for others and for the world around you.


Don’t let the world continue to accept mediocrity from its men; go out

and be a source of change in your school, in your community, in your workplace, in your neighborhood, in your home, and in your world. Be a REAL Man, and be the source of REAL Change.











Be the Change You Wish to See In the World


If any man wishes to change the world,

He first must seek to change himself. 


If any man desires to transform the people around him,

He first must work to transform himself. 


In this way, such a man may become the change

He wishes to see in the world. 














Be the Source of REAL Change


The world needs REAL men, and 

The world needs you to be a REAL man.

Only by becoming a REAL man can you help become

The source of REAL change. 


A man must be the change he wishes to see in the world. 

A man must be the change he wishes to see in others. 

It is not enough to talk about being a REAL man.

One must actually go out and… BE a REAL Man!


















“I don’t believe in standing back and talking, but in changing things.

  Go out and change it and make your contribution.”


~  Eddie Robinson



 ~ David Bancroft Johnson

“If you want to change the world, the place to begin is with yourself.”


~ Stephen R. Covey


  R espect all people,  

  E specially women.

  A lways do the right thing.

  L ive a life that matters.







© Copyright ~ Frank DiCocco ~ 2010





Be the REAL Change


You Wish to See In


The World.

    Be  a  REAL  Man!