Live With Purpose

“It is the nature of man to rise to greatness

if greatness is expected of him.”


~  John Steinbeck


~ Lou Holtz



 ~ David Bancroft Johnson

Live Your Life With Purpose


Each of us has a specific purpose in this world—a unique and powerful mission given to us individually, to carry out to the absolute best of our ability.  Every one of us has been given a unique set of talents and a special set of opportunities.  We re charged with the responsibility of making the most of both, in order to help improve the lives of those around us.

         Whether it is to enhance the world around us on a grand scale, to improve the community in which we live and to shape our own little corner of the world, or simply to impact the life of just one other person… each of us has the powerful opportunity and obligation to help improve the quality of the world in which we live. 




The Two Most Important Days of Your Life


The two most important days of your life are…

1. The day you were born, and

             2. The day you understand why you were born.


                   ~  You have been given the power of a life.

                  ~   Now, it is up to you to decide what you will do with that power.



Start Thinking About Your Purpose In Life


Everyone has a specific purpose in this world. Once you start thinking about what that purpose might be, you are on your way to finding your role in the grand scheme of life. You don’t have to figure it out right now. But it’s always good to start thinking about it early on and to simply be aware of the concept.


“Strong lives are motivated by dynamic purposes.”


~  Kenneth Hildebrand



Determining Your Purpose In Life


So, how do you figure out what your purpose in life is?  Well, there are a couple of key questions that you should keep in mind throughout the next several years:


What things do I really have a passion for and enjoy doing?

What things am I really good at?

What does the world, or what do other people, need me to do?


~ When you find something that you have a passion for, that you are really

      good at, and that there is some need for in the world or in your community,

          then you will have found your purpose.




“Discover something in life that is worth doing, not simply something

that you’re good at or something from which you make a large profit.

But find something that is worth doing, a true and genuine vocation,

which is where your great joy meets the world’s great need.”


~  Reverend Peter J. Gomes




Another Important Consideration…

What Has Shaped Your Ability to Shape the World? 


What has impacted you in your lifetime?  Is there something that has touched you personally, or someone you are close to?  Perhaps it is an illness, perhaps it is poverty, perhaps it is a positive mentor, or perhaps it is a unique opportunity; maybe it is a tragic event, maybe it is an incredibly inspiring

role model, maybe it is a difficult period of adversity, or maybe it is a wonderful and life-changing experience.

         We each have unique experiences in our lives that draw our attention to

something.  Often, the events that shape our lives are what enable us to help shape the world around us.  It’s up to us to decide, first and foremost, if we are going to do anything about an issue, and secondly, HOW we are going to go about doing it…in other words, WHAT are we going to do to have some positive impact on the situation, and on the world around us?  What can we do to positively affect our little corner of the world?


         What do you have a passion for?  What infuses you with a burning desire to do it, and a complete willingness to sacrifice other things in life in order to do it?   What special talents and abilities do you have?  What unique skills do you possess, that you enjoy putting to use and further developing?  What aspects of society do you wish to improve?  What does the world around you need in order to become a better and more progressive place?  


         The purpose for each of our lives is to figure out what we are good at and have a passion for doing, and then to figure out how we can use our unique talents and interests to help improve the world around us.  Most importantly of all, once we have determined our purpose and identified ways in which to carry it out, we must have find the strength and the courage to follow through and do what it is that we know we must do.




“Each of us has some sort of ability. It’s our responsibility to discover

what that is and, what’s more… have the courage to use it.”


~  Robert Ladouceur




Live Your Life With A Purpose


“What is the use of living, if it be not to strive for noble causes and to make this world a better place for those who will live in it after we are gone?”


~  Winston Churchill


“Success in life depends on the service a person does for others,

and not on what the individual achieves for himself.

It is service to others that fulfils one's true purpose in life.”


~  Author Unknown





Embrace Life, and Embark On Life


Opportunities are meant to be seized.

Chances are meant to be taken.

Experiences are meant to be had.

Moments are meant to be made.

Everywhere you look, life is waiting to be lived out.

So… Stand up, get up, get out, and get on with living.

Do not wait for Life to wave its hands at you, signaling its arrival.

Life is all around you.

Embrace it. Enjoy it.  Make the most of it.

Embrace life, and embark on life.





“Live passionately for today, and purposefully for tomorrow.”


~ Anonymous




Have Both A Long-Term Mission  &  A Short-Term Focus for Your Life


The mission of our lives should be to reach our potential in this world: to maximize our abilities and opportunities in service to others, as part of something larger than our individual selves. The ultimate outcome of our mission in life should be to make the world as much of a better place for our being alive as is possible, and to make the lives of others as rich and meaningful as a result of our having been involved with them. 

         The practical focus and emphasis of our everyday lives, however, should be to do all we can in the here-and-now … right here and right now, today, and everyday … to enhance the lives of those around us.  The focus should seek to positively affect others in every way possible, day-in and day-out. We should strive to make the most of every moment we are given to help enhance the lives around us and the world that surrounds us. Live each day with purpose.  Live your life with purpose. 






Create Meaning Right Now




What matters most is not what you plan to do, but what you are doing right now.

The thing that is of greatest significance is not what you intend to do…

But what you are actually doing this moment to turn those plans into a reality.




“Life’s most urgent question is ‘What are you doing for others?’


~ Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.





Live with an incredible and urgent sense of purpose.










Give Your Life A Purpose




The Secret of Your Life’s Meaning ~ An Original Poem


Come close, my friend,

And a wonderful secret I will tell to you:

One that is known by only a few,

And by only too few not to be true.

When the final day is finally cast,

And the breath last breathed is finely the last,

People will ask at the close of a life—

By then too late when time’s surpassed—

“For what did all this serve to be—

What meaning did all this hold for me?”


So listen close and hear my words, and

With all that I say, you’ll one day agree.

For what I say you may not believe,

But believe it or not, I have come to see,

That my life and your life, his life and hers,

Has no meaning—of this I am sure—

You see, it has no purpose, entirely none,

Until, my friend, you give it one!









“Your life has no meaning, until you decide to give it one.”


~  Peter Rice  ~



Which Type of Person Are You?


There are two types of people in this world: there are those who live day-to-day and who are just trying to get by—the ones whose only goal is simply to make it to tomorrow.  Then, there are those who have some great hope for their lives—something grand and worthwhile that they want to accomplish... some unique and special thing that they want to do with their lives—the ones who realize that there is something special the world needs them to do.


“Great hopes make great men.”


~ Thomas Fuller


   The world calls each of us to greatness.  Unfortunately, not everyone is able to hear that call, and not everyone who hears it is actually willing to answer it.  Those people who have great hopes and high expectations create an overwhelming purpose in their lives. They wake up each and every day, ready and willing to battle through any adversity that comes their way, flexible enough to adjust to any situation that may arise, open to change and prepared to embrace new opportunities for growth, and ready to enjoy the many blessings that life has to offer.

    Those strong souls are motivated by something greater than mediocrity; they live for something far beyond what the average person would be satisfied with. Such people strive to reach onward and upward toward some great and worthy purpose.  These inspiring individuals are made great by their lofty aspirations and their unyielding determination. Their lives are made special by the pursuit of, and ultimately, the bringing to fruition of the most extraordinary of hopes.


There are two types of people in this world: there are those who are content to live day-to-day, and those who are spurred on by something of greater significance.  There are those who are satisfied merely with trying to get by, and there are those who have a burning desire to do something special—something extraordinary—with their lives.



~  So ... Which type of person are you?

~ And, more importantly, which type of person will you choose to become?


  R espect all people,  

  E specially women.

  A lways do the right thing.

  L ive a life that matters.







© Copyright ~ Frank DiCocco ~ 2010





 Have a Purpose


Beyond Yourself.

    Be  a  REAL  Man!

Do your best to help improve the world in which we all live,

and strive to help raise the quality of life for all those

with whom we share our time on this planet.