Always Be Yourself

Know Who You Are, and Be Who You Are


Know who you are, and have the courage to be who you are.  One of the most important things to understand in life is that… No matter where you go, no matter what you do, and no matter who you are around…

You should always be yourself.

        In a world where self-respect and self-esteem are greatly lacking, more and more people need to get a grip on who they really are and what they really want for their lives.  

        Too many people walk around this world pretending to be someone else.  Sadly, we live in a world where not enough people know who they are. Even more unfortunate is the fact that very few people have the courage to actually be who they are.

         Less people need to try to be like others, and more people need to stand up and be themselves.  What each and every one of us needs to do is figure out who we are—and who we want to become—then have the strength and the courage to be that person.



Always Be Yourself  ~


Know who you are, and know who you are trying to become. 

Know who you aren’t, and know who you don’t ever want to become.

Make your decisions in life according to your own expectations,

and live your life based on your own standards.






Know Who You Are, and Be Who You Are


Don’t go through life pretending to be someone else. 

Have the courage to be yourself.  Don’t try to be who you aren’t.

Know who you are, and Be who you are.












“Be who you are, and be that perfectly well.”



~ St. Francis de Sales








Be Strong Enough To Be Different


Be strong enough to be different.

Have the courage to be yourself. 


The world doesn’t want you to be like someone else.

The world needs you to stand up and be yourself.


Be strong enough to be different.

Have the courage to be yourself. 








Always Be Yourself, and Always Do the Right Thing



Always be yourself, and always do the right thing … no matter what other people think or say.  If you try to please others, then you will let them control your thoughts and actions.  If you try to make others happy, then you will allow them to dictate your priorities and your character.  If you attempt to satisfy other people, then you ultimately will end up saying and doing what they think is right, and not what you know is right.

         When you try to act the way you think other people would want you to, you become a second-rate version of someone else.  When you spend your time trying to be what other people want you to be, you end up depriving the world of your unique attributes and abilities.  More importantly, when you try to be who you think other people want you to be, you end up depriving yourself of the ability to make your own decisions, to live your own life, and ultimately, to shape your own character.

         You give up the freedom to be your own person when you allow other people to determine how you think and how you act.




“Care about other people’s approval, and you will be their slave.”


~  Tao Te Cheng





Set Your Own Expectations.  Decide Upon Your Own Standards.


Set your own expectations, and decide upon your own standards.  Don’t live through the eyes of someone else’s limitations.  Don’t let other people’s negative thoughts lower your sights or your ideas of what you think is possible.  Create your own expectations, and live by your own standards.


“You can never let someone else define you. 

You must define yourself.”


~ Ricky Thomas


Always Be Yourself, and Always Believe In Yourself

Who gives other people the right to establish your hopes? Who gives other people the right to tell you when to give up on something or when to keep going?  No one. 

         Your life belongs to you, and therefore, all the decisions and actions within it belong to you as well.  Don’t let other people water down your life, and certainly don’t let other people live that life for you either.

         Establish your own level of expectations, determine your own set of standards, and dictate your own level of excellence.  Don’t allow other people to limit who you are and what you think you are capable of accomplishing.  Believe in yourself.  Believe in what you are trying to do; and believe in who you are trying to become.

         There is no shame in setting lofty goals, regardless of whether or not other people think they’re attainable. There is no shame in chasing after high aspirations, regardless of whether or not other people believe you can attain them. In the end, the only shame that exists is that of aiming too low.

         Don’t settle for someone else’s version of your dreams.  Always believe in who you are.  Never sell yourself short, and never doubt your abilities.  Set your sights high, and don’t ever settle for less.




“Believe deep down in your heart that you are destined to do great things.”


~ Joe  Paterno

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else

… is the greatest accomplishment.”


~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


  R espect all people,  

  E specially women.

  A lways do the right thing.

  L ive a life that matters.







© Copyright ~ Frank DiCocco ~ 2010





 Be Strong Enough


To Be Different.

    Be  a  REAL  Man!

Always Be True To Yourself ~ Always Be Genuine

No matter who you are or what you do, every night before you go sleep, you have to be able to face the man in the mirror and ask yourself one question: ‘Am I genuine?’

         What’s more important than asking that question, however, is being able to answer it with an honest “yes.”  If you can respond without hesitation in that manner, then you can walk through this world with your head held high, confidently knowing that you have the respect of both yourself and others.


You cannot be perfect, but you can be authentic.

And, since you cannot be perfect, then you had better be authentic.



What Does It Mean To Be Genuine?

Genuineness can be defined simply as “consistency between one’s words and deeds.”  To put it another way: being genuine means that you are who you appear to be.   It means that what you say you are, what you say you do, and what you say you believe in… are the things that you actually are, actually do, and actually do believe in

         Being genuine means that you are sincere and authentic—that what you say is matched by what you do. To be genuine means to be real.  It means that the image you put out there for others to see, is indeed who you truly are.  There are no smoke signals.  There are no efforts to deceive or mislead others, and there are no deliberate attempts to “throw people off your scent.”



Being genuine means that you are who you say you are.

You are authentic: you are the real deal.

There is nothing fake about you.

You are 100 percent real.



         Being genuine implies that you have no ulterior motives: you say what you mean, and you mean what you say.  People don’t have to try to “figure you out” or guess what you’re really all about.  They don’t have to try to determine what, if anything, you are up to.  They know who you are, and they know what you are about.  They know it, because you have a quality referred to as “transparency.” You don’t put up a false front; you don’t intentionally send mixed messages.  To put it simply: You are who you say you are.

         Being genuine means that who you appear to be, is indeed who you actually are.  It means that the way you appear to be, is, in fact, the way that you really are. Being genuine means that there is nothing fake about you. 

It means that you are authentic, that you are 100 percent real. Make that,

100 percent REAL.


~  So, the question is Are You Genuine?                     



“The shortest and surest way to live with honor in the world

is to be in reality what we would appear to be.” 


~  Socrates




Always Be Yourself, & Always Live By Your Principles

No person, event, or circumstance should cause you to change your principles.  If you let other people dictate how you think and act, then your life will never be stable and you will never be strong enough to stand on your own, especially during times of adversity and trial.

         If you set yourself firmly in your principles, however, then you will not be fazed by anything that happens to you, or by what anyone else does to you.  You can never let the people around you define the kind of person you are, and you certainly can never allow others to decide what type of character you possess.


“With people of integrity, you know what you are going to get because

that person is the same way all the time; situations don’t change them.”


~ Tony Dungy








~  Be True to Yourself  ~



Be true to who you are. Be true to who you want to become.

Be true to the person you are today. Be true to the person you wish to become tomorrow. Keep to your ideals, and always live by your principles.

Know who you are, and always be who you are. Know who you are working to become, and always live up to your highest standards.

Be genuine at all times. Be true to yourself in all ways.

Be yourself, always. Be your best self, in all ways.