Respect Yourself

~   Carry Yourself with Class At All Times   ~


Your actions echo your character, and are for others the greatest representation

of who you truly are and what you really believe in.



Having respect for all people means also having respect for yourself.  First and foremost, true respect for others must begin with genuine respect for one’s self.  At the heart of a true sense of self-respect is a clear and healthy understanding of a person’s own self-worth. 


Realizing that each of us has an incredible amount of inherent value—based solely on the fact that each of us is a human being, and therefore, that each of us deserves to be treated as such and each of us owes it to ourselves and others to act as such—is the first step in developing self-respect.



Having Self-Respect


Having self-respect is about always carrying yourself with class. It means

always acting with class, always talking with class, always walking with class, and always living with class.


Having self-respect is about recognizing your true value and inherent dignity as a human being. It is about realizing that all people, including yourself, are important and deserve to be regarded as such. 


Having self-respect is about striving to be your best self at all times.  It is about believing in, and working toward, your absolute full potential; it is about striving for personal excellence in all that you do.  Essentially, self-respect is about always doing your best to be your best and to become your best.





Be Somebody

The late, great Eddie Robinson summarized the nature of self-respect in a

slogan he constantly preached to his student-athletes. Always one to stress the importance of carrying one’s self with class, Coach Robinson

tirelessly exhorted his young men:


Look like Somebody.

Act like Somebody.

Talk like Somebody.

BE Somebody.




Look Like Somebody: Take care of your overall appearance. Dress well, wear clothes that fit, wear your pants where they’re supposed to be worn. Make a good first impression. Make a good lasting impression. Take pride in the way you look.


Act Like Somebody: Carry yourself with class at all times.  Be respectful to all people, and be respectable in all situations.  Do what is right, do what is best, and never accept anything less.  Always be yourself, always take the high road, and always show class.  Take pride in the way you act.


Talk Like Somebody: Speak appropriately; speak respectfully; be polite; use proper grammar.  Talk like a respectable person, and people will think of you as a respectable person.  Speak like an intelligent person, and people will think of you as an intelligent person. Speak properly and speak respectfully. Take pride in what you say, and in how you say it. Take pride in the way you talk.


Be Somebody:  Strive to be your best in all that you do.  Strive to give your best to others at all times.  Become someone you can be proud of.  Become someone others can be proud to know.  Be somebody.  Take pride in the way you carry yourself.  Take pride in who you are. Take pride in who you are becoming. 



















Do good to all.  Do harm to none. 

This is the simplest formula for achieving harmony in life.

Look like Somebody.  Act like Somebody.  Talk like Somebody.





The Essence of Class


Class has nothing to do with what kind of clothes you where, what kind of car you drive, or how many possessions you have.  Class is about how you carry yourself, how you think, and how you act.  You can be broke and have all the class in the world. And you can have all the money in the world and still not have an ounce of class.



The Essence of Classy People


You can tell who classy people are, because they are the ones you look at and think to yourself, “Now there’s a person who carries himself the right way: he always takes the high road and says the right things, he always acts like the better man and does the right things, and he always handles situations in the right way.”  Classy people are the ones you look at and think to yourself, “Now there’s someone I admire, there’s someone I respect, there’s someone I want to be like; and… if I had a daughter, there’s someone I would want my daughter to marry.



  R espect all people,  

  E specially women.

  A lways do the right thing.

  L ive a life that matters.







© Copyright ~ Frank DiCocco ~ 2010





Take Pride In Yourself.  Show Class In All

That You Do.

    Be  a  REAL  Man!



 Success—the real success—does not depend upon the position you hold,

but upon how you carry yourself in that position.”


~   Theodore Roosevelt