Especially Women

Treat Women with Respect


Being a REAL man is all about treating women with respect— plain and simple. Always be respectful and always be a gentleman. You can tell just about everything you need to know about a man by the way he treats a woman.




~   A Real Man   ~


A Real Man treats women with respect.

A Real Man always acts like a gentleman.

A Real Man is always polite, courteous, and considerate of women. 

A Real Man opens doors, holds umbrellas, and pays honest 

   compliments when they are due.


A Real Man always carries himself with class. 

A Real Man always speaks respectfully to women. 

A Real Man always speaks respectfully about women. 

A Real Man is never rude or offensive to women.  He never uses

   derogatory language, nor does he tolerate others to do so either.


A Real Man listens to women.

A Real Man especially listens to his mother. 

A Real Man takes care of his mother and all the women in his life.

A Real Man protects his sister, watches out for his girlfriend,

and takes care of his female friends.


A Real Man respects the strength, courage, and intellect of women.

A Real Man treats women as equals, not as subservient inferiors.

A Real Man treats women as human beings,

not as objects for his own personal gain or pleasure.


A Real Man always does right by the women in his life: whether

     they are his family, friends, girlfriend, or wife.

A Real Man always does right by his family.

He is there to be a father to his children,

he sets a good example for the next generation,

and he invests himself fully in his personal relationships.


A Real Man always makes time for what is important,

and he always makes time for who is important.

A Real Man helps make the world a more respectful place

by his words and his deeds.

A Real Man helps make the world a safer place for women.

A Real Man makes the world a better place for all people. 




A Real Man makes the world a better, safer, more honest,

and more respectful place in which to live.




A Real Man respects all women at all times.




  R espect all people,  

  E specially women.

  A lways do the right thing.

  L ive a life that matters.







© Copyright ~ Frank DiCocco ~ 2010





 Always Be a Gentleman.


Always Show Class.

    Be  a  REAL  Man!

“The way you treat women will impact every other area of your life at some point.”


 ~ Tony Dungy