† Being a REAL Man


Being REAL is a lifestyle.†

Itís about the way you carry yourself.† Itís about the way you treat people.

Itís about what you stand for.† Itís about what you do with your life.

What Does It Mean to Be aREAL Man ?

Deep down, we all yearn to be good men.† But how exactly do we define

what it means to be a good manÖ to be a real man?†

†††††† What makes a man a real man?† How do you define one?† How do you know if someone is a real man?† How do you know if you are a real man?


†††††† A lot of times in our society, we are given the wrong definition of what it truly means to be a real man. We get images from the media that stress the importance of money, clothes, cars, status, promiscuity, and personal success Ö as if all these things are what give a man his true value as a male.




What Defines You As a Man ?

Contrary to popular belief, what defines you as a man is not about how attractive you are or about how strong and muscular you are; itís not about what kind of car you drive or about how big your house is; itís not about how many material possessions you have or about how popular you are with the ladies. What defines you as a man is who you are and how you live your life.†

†††††† What defines you as a man is not your individual wealth, but your personal worth.† What defines you is not how many possessions you can amass, or how many people you can surpass; it is how much respect and admiration you can earn, and how much you can do to help others.

†††††† What defines you as a man is not what other people think about you, but what you think about yourself.† It is not about who other people think or say you are, but about who you know deep down that you really are.†

†††††† What defines you as a person is who you are on the inside. What defines you is the way you carry yourself. What defines you is the way you live your life.† When it comes right down to it, being a real man is aboutÖ respecting all people, especially women, always doing the right thing, and living a life that matters.






Be a REAL man!

†††††††† Respect all people, Especially women.
Always do the right thing. ††Live a life that matters.



R espect all people,††

E specially women.

A lways do the right thing.

L ive a life that matters.

††† Be† a† REAL† Man!







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Be Respectfuland


Be Respectable.